Mrs Webber

Hi, our names are Mrs Webber, Miss O’Mara and Miss Hickman, we run the Reception Classes at Hurley.  Working alongside us is Karen and Louise our class TA's.

Friday Phonics
Friday Phonics for parents will start next Friday 19th January.  Each week we reflect on the sounds we have learnt that week and recap on all sounds learnt so far.
We will show you how we learn our phonics and play some games that you can join in with and use at home.
We hope that you can make the sessions. The session starts at 9:05 and finishes at 9:25. On this day you can come in with your child first thing in the morning and stay with us during morning groups and registration.

Word Envelopes
The children are working really hard with the letters and words in phonics.  I will be giving all of the children an envelope with all of the Phase Two and Phase Three phonics.  These get updated on a Friday and new words are added if we feel that
your child is ready for the next set.  We have just finishing Phase Three phonics and the words within that phase.  If you feel that your child can read all of the words the next stage is to practise writing them.  You can use the back of the home/school diary for this.

Miss OMara

This term our topics are Pattern and Prints for the first half term and Changes for the second half term.

Home/School Diaries
The Home/school diaries are to keep you updated with things that may happen during the day in school.  We also note in there the book your child is currently reading and any comments.  Please feel free to write in this book also, recording anything you think we might need to know and when you hear them read.

All children have been given a target for the spring term.  These are in the back of the diaries.  The children are given a writing and reading target which will be worked on in school.  It would be helpful for you to work on these targets at home to help your child progress and move to the next target.  Maths targets are in the maths passport books.

PE Lessons
Our PE lessons are now on a Monday morning and a Friday Afternoon.  Please bring in PE kits on a Monday morning.Jo Hickman

Tuck Shop
Reception Class do not visit the tuck shop, so please do not send them with money. Children are encouraged to bring a healthy snack to school (no chocolate or crisps).  Fruit is available for the children daily.

'Wow' Notes
If your child makes progress with anything at home or you find yourself saying ‘Wow!’ then please take the time to let us know by way of a ‘Wow’ note!  These are located on the Parents’ Board just inside the classroom door.  These achievements, however small, can then be celebrated within the classroom and make a valuable contribution to our ongoing assessments.

Name tags
Could you please ensure that your child has their name or their initials on their cardigans, jumpers, shirts, trousers etc.

Water bottles
Please ensure that your child has a named water bottle in school.

Thank you for your support and please do not hesitate to pop in if you need to.

Miss O’Mara