Mr Wiggin

Your teacher this year is Mr Wiggin and your teaching assistant is Jane.

Welcome back!

During the Spring term our topic will be WW1: Life in the Trenches. The children will learn about the assassination of Franz Ferdinand, the countries that were involved in the war, what it was like to live during the war, the details on certain battles and much more! We have some exciting days and trips planned…so watch this space!

PE Lessons
This term, the children will have PE lessons on Thursday and Friday. Please ensure kit is in on these days.

Reading Books
A reminder that in Year 6 it is your child’s responsibility to change their own reading book. Children will be given one reading book at a time to share with you at home. When they have finished their book and you have written in their Home/School diary, the book needs to be returned to the bookshelf after informing either Mr. Wiggin or Jane (Y6 TA).  We encourage you to listen to your child read as much as possible as well as have them read independently. We would appreciate any comments in their reading journals when this is done. They will also be heard, where possible, by a member of the Y6 team.

This will continue in the same fashion as last term.  Children should ask for support from both parents and Y6 staff when struggling.  We ask you to let children complete homework as independently as possible as extra support classes are scheduled based on how children found their homework.

Spellings now comprise of a set of words that should be learnt by heart and a given spelling rule that is taught in school.  Therefore, children have a chance to learn words by memory as well as through applying a rule.

At the end of year 6, all children will be sitting national tests called SATs.  With SATS being only 5 months away, we would greatly appreciate any extra support you could provide your child from home with regards to revision and practice.

AN IMPORTANT NOTE – SATs week is from Monday 14th May 2018 to Friday 17th May 2018. Under no circumstances will holiday be authorised during this time or in the fortnight beforehand. Please make a note of these dates in your diary.

Water bottles
Please ensure that your child has a named water bottle in school.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Mr Wiggin & Mrs Hardman