Dear Parents/Carers,

As we approach the summer break, I want to provide you with the details about how Hurley Primary School will reopen in the safest possible way in September.

As current government rules state, all children will be returning to schools in September. We are delighted that we will be able to welcome back all of our fantastic children and provide them with more ‘normal’ routine. There will be a teacher training day on Tuesday 1st September so all children will return on Wednesday 2nd September.

As the risk from COVID-19 has not gone away, we will be putting in place a wide range of measures in order to protect your children, your families and our staff. We have and will continue to work hard to make Hurley Primary School a safe environment for everyone.



Your child will be in a bubble, which will be with ALL the children from their class.

Adults within that bubble will remain consistent and if other adults, such as PE coaches, are required to work with a bubble, they will follow strict procedures in order to protect themselves and others from any risk.

Your child’s bubble will not mix with children (or adults where possible) from any other bubble at all during school hours. This will mean that we will be staggering lunch and break times and assigning zones where children can play with children from their own bubbles.

This also means that if there is an infection in one bubble, all of the other bubbles should remain protected.

Your child’s bubble will have:

  • specific arrival and departure times
  • its own teacher(s) and teaching assistant(s)
  • its own cleaning products
  • its own break time and zone (where possible, games which minimize contact)
  • its own lunch time (we will be providing hot lunches)

In the infants, each class will be assigned its own toilet room. In the juniors, there will be rules about children going to the toilets from different bubbles, much like we have running for the children in school at the moment.

In their class, children will:

  • sit in rows facing forward to minimise fact-to-face contact
  • have their own books, stationery and resources (please DO NOT send children with pencil cases)

We will be keeping your child’s bubble as clean as possible by:

  • emptying bins for tissues regularly throughout the day
  • cleaning surfaces regularly throughout the day
  • insisting on handwashing and sanitising regularly throughout the day
  • undertaking a deeper clean at the end of every day
  • not allowing staff or children from other bubbles into your child’s bubble

Children in bubbles are not expected to socially distance. Where they are old enough, they will be asked to minimise physical contact, but they will not need to adhere to 1m or 2m guidance unless current government guidance changes over the summer.


Parents, it is vital that everyone maintains social distancing when travelling to and from school and when waiting to drop and collect your children.

The current one-way system will remain in place: please walk to the church car park via Heanley Lane and wait in the designated queuing area in the car park. Please observe 2m social distancing (marked out on the car park) and do not linger after your child has entered the school site. Members of staff will be there to greet your child and direct them to their classroom. Please leave via the alleyway, walking down past the Holly Bush pub. Please note: the CHURCH CAR PARK REMAINS CLOSED.

Parents are encouraged to walk their children to school whenever possible. Children must not be allowed to travel to or from school on their own and must walk with their adult at all times (i.e. not with their friends or other families). In emergencies, a nominated adult from the family bubble can drop off/collect a child. Please inform the school office of this.

Any non-school age siblings should stand with you and maintain social distancing from other children and adults at all times.

These procedures will continue until the government ends social distancing at which point we will inform you of new arrangements.


To continue our successful arrival and departure process and ensure this runs as smoothly as possible with more children and parents, we have adapted our current a staggered arrival and departure timetable. Please note that for the first week, Reception’s arrival and departure times will be different – please check your emails for further details.

 Reception  8:30am 3:00pm Reception Miss Hickman, Karen, Louise
 Year 1  8:40am 3:00pm Year 1 Mr Orchard, Carmen
 Year 2  8:50am 3:15pm Year 2 Miss Shortman, Dawn
 Year 3  8:50am 3:15pm Year 3 Miss Smith, Mrs Avery, Lisa
 Year 4  8:50am 3:15pm Year 4 Miss Fletcher, Dena, Louise
 Year 5  9:00am 3:30pm Year 5 Miss Slattery, Sue, Wendy
 Year 6  9:00am 3:30pm Year 6 Mr Wiggin, Jane

If you have children in multiple year groups, please arrive at the EARLIER arrival slot and LATEST departure slot. All of your children will be dropped off and collected at this time. For example, a parent with children in Rec \#and Year 6, would drop both children off at 8.30am and collect them at 3.30pm. This arrangement is in place because the government have been very clear that no learning time should be lost due to staggered timetables.

When collecting children, please arrive at school at the time slot for their class and wait in the designated area on the church car park. Children will be brought out to you. It is imperative that parents follow the 2m distancing rule.

This timetable is provisional and if we need to alter times, we will inform you of the new times slots as early as possible.

Strict adherence to arrival and departure times is necessary to reduce contact. Please do not arrive late or early, as this will cause too many people to be waiting and increase potential risk of infection.

Little Seeds Nursery will be in contact with their own parents regarding their drop off and collection arrangements.


Upon entering school, all children and staff will wash/sanitise hands. Regular handwashing and santising will continue throughout the day. Regular cleaning of the classroom and toilets will also take place throughout the day

All children, except those in the new Reception class, should wear full school uniform. Children and staff will no longer be required to wear a fresh set of clothes every day. Children should, as normal, be smart and clothes shouldn’t be visibly dirty. Smart black school shoes (no trainers, even if they are black) will be needed for the new school year.

Children will need to bring PE kits in a PE bag into school on their first day back.

Please ensure ALL items of clothes are labelled as we need to be able to identify who they belong to.

Please find the school uniform requirements on the school website

Lunch and Snacks
We will be reintroducing hot meals cooked in our kitchen by Educaterers. In order to safely provide children with a hot meal, we will be staggering lunchtimes and organising the school hall so children can eat their lunch in safety and then play in safety outdoors.

Children who wish to have packed lunches will need to bring their lunch in a normal lunchbox. Any food the children do not eat and any packaging, will go back into their lunchbox. Please ensure your child can open their own food packaging.
There will be no tuck shop, so please ensure that children bring healthy tuck (a cereal bar or piece of fruit only).

All classrooms will have soap and water as well as hand sanitiser available at all times. Children will be asked to wash hands regularly following government advice. Chairs, tables, door handles and all equipment will be cleaned before school, at break, at lunchtime and after school as a minimum.

Children may now bring a bag to school. Please try to keep these as small as possible – a book bag (or similar size) is ideal. Reading books will be sent home from September. These will be carefully wiped down in school when being returned from home.

The children will be given stationery in clear plastic pencil cases at school, which will be stored safely. Therefore, they will not need to bring a pencil case or any other stationery from home.

Lunchboxes and water bottles will also be brought to and from school. These must be washed/wiped down every night. All lunchboxes and water bottles must be clearly named. We will use permanent marker to name any items which are not named.

If coats or sun hats are needed, your child may bring these into school. If sun cream is required, it must be named and brought in a plastic bag to store inside their bag. Children will need to apply their own sun cream and we recommend that on warm days, you apply at home before the start of school.

Children who need medicines will need to bring these in a clear plastic bag which has been named. Medicine will need to be passed on to an adult in class. Please provide written consent and instructions on dosage when bringing medicines to school. Inhalers may be kept by a child, where this is appropriate, or treated like other medicine. All other medicine will be stored in the classroom by the class teacher. Any medicines requiring refrigeration will be stored in staffroom fridge, collected and taken to class for administration.

The focus for the curriculum will be on covering missed content in English and maths and closing gaps in learning. We will endeavour to continue to provide a broad and balanced curriculum too.

If your child shows COVID-19 symptoms, they will be isolated within school, you will be contacted and you must arrange immediate collection of your child. Everyone in your household will then need to self-isolate for 14 days. In this situation, you must arrange a test for your child and the family. School will contact Public Health England. A child may return to their bubble with a negative test result, if they are feeling well enough to do so.

In the event of a positive COVID-19 result, the entire bubble (class) will be sent home and will need to self-isolate for 14 days, including siblings, to ensure no symptoms develop and to protect others at school.

For a non COVID-19 illness or accident, the usual school procedure will be followed.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
Current government advice states that children are not allowed to wear masks and it is not a requirement of staff to do so (unless they are specifically dealing with a suspected case). Any children wearing masks to and from school, will be asked to dispose of them (if they are disposable) or place them in a plastic bag and return them to a parent.

To maintain children and staff safety, access to the school site will be strictly controlled. If you have an enquiry for school, contact the school office by phone or email (01827 872207 or

Corona Warnings New


We must work together to limit the virus and make school as safe a place as possible. This will only work if you keep your child safe when they are not at school. It is vital that current guidelines on social distancing are strictly adhered to at all times.

Only together will we be able to reduce the risk.

Thank you for your continued support.