Sport Competitions & Clubs

Hurley Primary school provides a rich choice of extra - curricular activities.
We are also regularly commended for our participation in Local Sport. We were one of the leading sports schools in North Warwickshire in terms of sports competition entries.

In 2016- 17 we entered 32 out of the 33 sporting events available. SIGNICANTLY more than many other local schools.


Football Y5/6 Mid
Football Y3/4 Newtn
Football Y5/6 Acton
Football Y5/6 Pear
Y4/5 Girls Football
Football Y4/5 Oakfld
Football Y3/4 Wartn
Football Y1/2 Rickts

Tag Rugby Y5/6
Pentathlon Y4/5/6
Hockey  Y5/6

Tennis Y3/4
Tennis Y5/6
Quad Kids Y3/4
Tri Golf Y3

IX-Country Y5/6 1st
X-Country Y5/6 2nd
X-Country Y5/6 3rd
X-Country Y1/2 1st
X-Country Y3/4 1st
X-Country Y1/2 2nd
X-Country Y3/4 2nd

Netball  Y5/6
Dodgeball Y5/6

Gymnastics Y1/2
Sportshall Ath Y5/6
infant Agility Y1/2
Indr Rowing Y5/6 

Indr Cricket Y5/6
Rounders Y5/6
Outdr Cricket Y5/6
Athletics Tam Y3-6

Swimming Y3/4
Swimming Y5/6