School Uniform

School Uniform

School uniform is important in creating a sense of belonging and children wearing smart uniform helps to create a sense of pride in our fabulous school. As parents, your role in this is vital, therefore we are sending out a reminder of the Hurley Primary School uniform policy to ensure everyone is aware of the expectations of uniform at HPS, ready for the start of a new term.

If your parents/carers have any queries or concerns about this information, please contact the class teacher.

A school uniform is worn by all children. At school we should look smart and clean. Listed below are the clothes we consider to be suitable:

Please ensure children are suitably dressed for the weather conditions. In winter, children should wear coats and jumpers (as well as hats and gloves as necessary). In summer, we recommend children wear sun hats and sun cream.


Only sensible black flat shoes (not heels, trainers or boots) must be worn.

For PE (Physical Education) a separate kits must be provided:

  • White T-shirt with or without school logo (no football shirts/shorts nor other logos)
  • Black shorts
  • Pair of black pumps for indoor PE
  • Pair of trainers for outdoor PE
  • Children will be expected to wear the above PE kit both indoors and outdoors

If the weather is cold, usually during the winter, children may wear long sleeve navy sweatshirts and tracksuit bottoms/leggings for outdoor games.

PE Kits should be brought into school on a Monday and taken home on a Friday. A strong bag in which to carry kit can be purchased in school.

Swimming Kit – girls MUST wear a one piece swimming costume (not bikinis) and boys MUST wear swimming trunks or shorts that are not below the knee. Swimming hats must be worn by children with long hair. Children may wear goggles.

For safety reasons, we expect children to remove stud earrings and watches before Physical Education lessons. It is preferable that they are left at home on P.E. days.  No earrings are allowed in the swimming pool.

  • All pupils are expected to wear uniform.  If parents have difficulty in providing this, the Headteacher must be informed.  Make-up and nail varnish are not suitable for school days.  
  • Coats, jumpers, cardigans, t-shirts and polo shirts with the school logo are available from school.  Order forms are available from the school office.

Jewellery – If ears are pierced, only small, plain, discreet studs are allowed. These should be removed by the pupil before games and PE lessons.  If not removed by the pupil, he/she will be expected to apply plasters. This is for your child’s safety. Nose studs and other body piercings are not acceptable. The wearing of watches is encouraged but children remain responsible for these. No other jewellery is allowed.

Hairstyles –  Shaved heads/shaved patterns/dyed hair or other inappropriate hairstyles are not allowed.  If you are unsure about a hairstyle decision, please contact the Headteacher before cutting hair.                   
If hair is long enough to be tied back, it must be tied with a simple hair bobble (this is the case for girls AND boys). Only simple, plain head bands can be used. A small, navy bow may be used but not large bows or Jo-Jo bows.

If you have any questions regarding uniform, please contact your child’s class teacher, the school office or me directly.

We do hope that ALL parents will continue to support us with these uniform requirements.